Gym Elite Bigger Arms Workout

If your stuck and not seeing much change in your biceps and triceps try this workout.

A multigrip Tri Set.
choose 3 exercises of the same muscle group with 3 different grips.

Pronated (Palms Up)
Neutral (Palms Facing)
Suprinated (Palms Down)

Try to train the weakest grip first and your strongest last for best results.

Round 1
A1: Reverse Grip Pushdown
A2: Rope Pushdown
A3: Tricep Pushdown

Round 2
B1: Zotterman Curl
B2: Hammer Curl
B3: Ez Bar Curl

Complete A1 for 12 reps then move to A2 then A3.
Rest for 2 minutes and complete for 2-3 sets before moving to B1, B2 & B3

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